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Welcome to my personal homepage. I'm a type designer based in Barcelona. You can have a look at my Typerepublic type foundry in order to see some retail & published type work. In fact, if you are looking for Spanish typography, then... That is the place! ¶ I am also involved in multi-script typefaces. One of my designs is Al-Andalus, an Arabic script intended for literature purposes. Yes, it was quite a long process of work and was part of my PhD research on Spanish Arabic typography. ¶ I have been working on corporate and custom typefaces, advising other designers or engaged in collaborative work. ¶ I love travelling and I give workshops and presentations around the world. They are challenging experiences and a good opportunity to make new friends. ¶ The online review DesignBoom published an interview about my work a while ago. ¶ You can also find me in Facebook, Twitter and Behance. ¶ If you would like to meet me for a beer, do not hesitate to contact me. By the way, feedback is always appreciated! ¶ By the way, I will do a presentation at the TDC. See you in NY (if you are around)!

Some information about the Typecraft project, managed together with Ishan Khosla.

Spanish version (not yet)
Catalan version (not yet)

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