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Welcome to my personal homepage. I'm a type designer based in Barcelona. You can have a look at my Typerepublic type foundry in order to see some retail & published type work. In fact, if you are looking for Spanish typography, then... That is the place! ¶ I am also involved in multi-script typefaces. One of my designs is Al-Andalus, an Arabic script intended for literature purposes. Yes, it was quite a long process of work and was part of my PhD research on Spanish Arabic typography. ¶ I have been working on corporate and custom typefaces, advising other designers or engaged in collaborative work. ¶ I love travelling and I give workshops and presentations around the world. They are challenging experiences and a good opportunity to make new friends. ¶ The online review DesignBoom published an interview about my work a while ago. ¶ You can also find me in Facebook, Twitter and Behance. ¶ If you would like to meet me for a beer, do not hesitate to contact me. By the way, feedback is always appreciated! ¶ By the way, I will do a presentation at the TDC. See you in NY (if you are around)!

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