Andreu Balius [type design]

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I have been interviewed by different websites, magazines and journals. Here is a selection of articles:

• Stock-Allen, Nancy. Andreu Balius. A visit to Catalonia and TypeRepublic. 2014.
Andreu Balius interview. 2013
• Gràffica interviews Andreu Balius: Fotomatón. Grà 2013.
• Domínguez, Mª Ángeles. Al-Andalus, una tipografía puente entre dos culturas de Andreu Balius. www.grà 18/09/2013.
Grandes tipos: Andreu Balius. Junio, 2012.
Studio visit: Andreu Balius.
Our favourite typefaces of 2008. Carmen. Reviewed by Christian Palino, posted on April 18, 2009.